Instagram as a merchandising tool

We knew instagram is a good way to promote independent and high street brands but, is it really a way to advertise your brand?

Of course its helpful but can it replace and be more effective than other ways of advertising and brand identity building?

It used to be one  cheap way of advertising but now with the big companies paying to be on top of the feed, it`s made more difficult for a small business to float.

Also with the new instagram algorithm, it made me feel less authentic and just showed me stuff i don’t really like …does this could affect how the users feel and made them move to another platform? (snapchat for example-altho theres no actual engagement and you can’t build a story/personality there).

Advantages of being a small brand: people likes to engaged in  the story behind and follow personalized recommendations or the value of originality or unique (no mass produced) products.

Work with “micro” influencers – have better engagement and are cheaper than the ones with millions…



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