Harrods 11/02/17

Today I talked to a Harrods sales person and he generously shared some insight into the market.

Harrods attracts a great variety of international shoppers, and different brands are strongly preferred by certain markets.

Sophie Hulme is very popular with East Asian people. Her bags almost all use basic same shape, with different leathers and colours.

Apparently the popularity of the brand in Asia means that there is peer pressure to buy one of her bags when they visit the UK, especially at places such as Harrods where they stock some Harrods exclusive designs.

Captura de pantalla 2017-02-11 a la(s) 21.24.59.png




Kenzo on the other hand sells well to the Middle Eastern market.

They have in display leather bags with a good quantity of applications and embroidery in it, including acrylic mirror like pieces.

Captura de pantalla 2017-02-11 a la(s) 21.21.29.png



—-Sophia Webster——

This designer sells more to the European market.

She has more details and embellishments on her accessories.

She has some “macrame” knitting details in the handle of the handbags or some 3D details such as beads or leather butterflies.

She has nice metal fastenings in the bags. She has many different shaped bags, contrasting sharply with Sophie Hulme, which this brand was placed next to within Harrods.








This designer has their Peruvian inspired products displayed but they don’t have great quality, apparently they are in the store because of connections but they don’t sell well.

They can have the initials of your name by request.



This brand has a great leather quality, they have a nice pattern design that doesn’t involve much details or fastenings however they sell really good.

Les petit jouers

They sell really good and have fun designs. The eye designs are actually made of lego style blocks.


Manu Atelier

Captura de pantalla 2017-02-11 a la(s) 21.59.47.png

They have a nice leather material and simple but nice pattern.

They don’t have much fastenings but they look good.

They sell pretty well according to the sales person.


Ralph and Ruso 

They have a nice metal embellishments a bit similar of the samples i attempt to create.




Mexican stereotypical inspiration


As part of this collection, they present bags with ethnical/tribal inspiration. In some bags they put “sombreros ” and cactus print on the leather.

The material felt like fast fashion product.


The background decoration of the Prada tills were Mexican Pyramids.



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